Is Erythritol Keto-Friendly?

Have you ever wondered what sweeteners to go with on a low-carb diet? I get asked about Erythritol all the time. I won’t recap all the details from the article here, but here are the fundamentals you need to know about erythritol.


  • Is a sugar alcohol that comes from fruit, vegetables, or the fermentation of wheat, bacteria, and corn. 
  • Has a glycemic index of 0 and is one of two non-caloric sugar alcohols.
  • Is well-tolerated with few side effects, has close to zero net carbs, and even has some potential health benefits. 
  • Can also improve the mouth feeling of food and mask certain unwanted aftertastes such as bitterness or mask other intense sweeteners.
  • Can be used in a 1:1 ratio as you would use sugar which means that the food product you use it in has a texture closer to its sugar heavy alternative.  

Therefore, erythritol is a great choice for keto. It has few side effects, virtually no calories, and zero carbs while offering possible health benefits.

Stevia and Allulose are great too! Perfect Keto has a great deep dive article on Erythritol HERE Check it out!

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