We haven’t had Chinese food in sooooo long. This definitely gives us all the Chinese takeout feels. Now, if I could just have some keto-friendly house chow mein! This keto honey garlic glaze is so bomb, I love using it on all types of protein – chicken, beef, pork belly, even salmon! I promise, you’ll want to pour this glaze on everything. Hubby used to always order the honey garlic pork riblets or pork chops when we’d go out for Chinese food. It was a must, because it’s so damn good. But now, even better, we can make it at home… low carb, gluten free, diabetic friendly honey garlic glazed riblets. Yummmm!

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Just because we follow a ketogenic lifestyle, doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite foods. It’s about finding low carb and keto-friendly alternatives for ingredients we need to make those foods and also having fun experimenting in the kitchen!

For this recipe, I use a sugar free honey substitute, sweetened with xylitol. There are a lot of different types of honey substitutes, usually sweetened with maltitol, so make sure to check the ingredients. Not all sweeteners are created equal… Some sweeteners, like maltitol, I try to avoid since it tends to give me stomach pains and gas – sorry TMI!



  • Season riblets with salt, pepper, garlic powder.
  • Place seasoned riblets on baking sheet, cover with foil and bake for 40 mins at 350 degrees F.
  • While riblets are baking, make honey garlic glaze…
  • Place honey, liquid aminos, garlic, and apple cider vinegar in a small sauce pan, stir and bring to a simmer.
  • After baking ribs for 40 mins, pour glaze over riblets and continue baking, uncovered, for 15-20ish more mins.
  • Enjoy with your favorite low carb veggies, cauli rice or shirataki noodles. The greens I used here are bok choy steamed in butter, sesame oil and liquid aminos and topped with extra sesame seeds.

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